Earthquake Retrofit

Our company has been approved by the State of California for it’s “Brace & Bolt” program and has extensive experience installing structural systems required to protect your home from possible damage or destruction caused during an  earthquake.
Surprisingly, many homes in the Napa Valley do not have foundation bolts installed, which could allow the home to slide off the foundation during an earthquake. Homes West Construction has addressed this problem with many homes in our area. Many times this requires drilling through the existing mud sill into the existing foundation and epoxying  1/2" or 5/8” foundation bolts along with 3” square washers and nuts to allow connection to the concrete foundation and house framing. Another application requires installing Simpson UFP10 along side of the foundation connecting the foundation to the mud sill. Either application is done to help keep the house from sliding during an earthquake.
Many homes are also built on a cripple wall , this is a less than full height wall built between the foundation and the first floor of the structure here. During an earthquake this wall can collapse if not properly sheared, causing extensive damage to the structure. Homes West Construction is well versed in providing the required shear which lessens the effects that may be experienced during an earthquake. Many time this will require installing 1/2”  CDX ply or 1/2” OSB sheathing properly nailed to framing giving the home the  proper shear protection.
In many cases we find that homes should also have additional strengthening provided by engineered metal straps, clips or braces. These are used to connect various framing members to each other or framing to foundation. Depending on several factors, these may be used in place of brace & bolt or perhaps in addition to brace and bolt, as each situation is unique.